The Example Database

The example database named “Debit Cards” is referred to deposits and withdrawals of funds using Debit Cards, this last one can be at ATMs (Automatic Teller Machine) withdrawals, funds transfers between accounts and purchases of products or services.

Database “Debit Cards”


Description of Relation Variables

Most of the Relation Variables are self-explained, except for DEPOSIT and WITHDRAWAL; in this case we have the following semantic considerations:

Deposits of Funds:

  • The customers deposit funds both in his accounts and in some other’s accounts in DEPOSIT.
  • In a deposit of funds it is inserted the related withdrawal code is DEPOSIT (see the point following)
  • Customers who deposit funds not necessarily have Bank’s accounts.
  • The deposits cannot be done by using ATMs.

Withdrawals of Funds:

There are three types of withdrawals of funds, ATMs’ withdrawals of funds, transference of funds between accounts and purchases of products or services.

ATMs’ withdrawal of funds:

  • An ATM’s withdrawal of funds is inserted with ATM’s code from where the withdrawal was accomplished; the withdrawal cannot exceed the total of deposits of the related account.

Funds transfer:

  • In a funds transfer we have a withdrawal of funds from one account and a deposit of funds toward another account for which the amount should be the same.
  • In a funds transfer, the withdrawal code from where the funds came is inserted in the Relation Variable DEPOSIT.
  • The account’s owner of the withdrawal of funds should be the same as the customer who deposits the funds.
  • In funds transfer there does not exist the ATM’s code.

Products or services purchase:

The products or services purchase is inserted as a withdrawal of funds, in this case the associated ATM code does not exist.

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