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My name is Oswaldo F. Domejean, I’m a professional in Databases who writes about essential aspects related to database theory and practice in current DBMSs. I’m begining with some readings about SQL, because anybody who works with this language should know the weaknesses and conflictive characteristics of it, this site has the following publication that contains essential readings about it:

The examples in the Blog are only three of the weaknesses that SQL has on database processing, in my publication you can find a complete analysis on the following points related to the weaknesses and conflictive aspects of SQL:

  1. The Interpretation of null
  2. The Relational Algebra Operations
  3. The conditions EXISTS, IN, ANY and ALL
  4. The Aggregation Operators
  5. The Implication
  6. Operations INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE

you’ll find all the information needed to get this essential work about the language SQL at these links:


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